Risk Inquiry Service Response

When you post Risk Inquiry Service (RIS) information to Kount, a key-value pair string is returned (RIS response). The RIS response format is the same that was specified in the RIS post, with the default being named pairs. Each data field must be invoked by "getter" methods on the response object found in the SDK. You can automate the order management process by keying off the AUTO field and then utilize any of the additional data returned for internal processing.

You can use the RIS response to verify the Device Data Collection (DDC) process was successful and view any warnings or errors that were made during the RIS post. The KAPT field is used to determine if the DDC process was successful. KAPT=Y means successful and KAPT=N means the process was unsuccessful. All warnings are displayed in the response and if errors occur, the RIS response is returned with a MODE=E.

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