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Kount RIS Python SDK Release Notes History

The following table provides the release notes history for the RIS Python SDK.

Version Number Description


A KHASH helper function has been corrected to PENC=KHASH instead of PENC=MASK.


Added two shipping types. DE = Delivery and PU = Pick-up.


Added Lbin field and testcase 3.3.4 Get SDK version from Gitlab tag.


  • Updated the default version of the RIS call to use version 0710
  • Added new getters respective to new RIS version


Removed Data Validation from the SDK side.


  • Minor bug fixes in validation file, and unit tests
  • Removed support for Python 2.x due to end of life status
  • Python 3.5 is now minimum supported version


Omniscore Implemented in Python. We have included a getter method called getOmniscore that returns the Omniscore value in the Response.


Bug fixes.


Rework the SDK.


  • Base85 encoding
  • Set the value to a VERSION in this dedicated module in the project - version.py
  • updated docs/*.rst
  • tests/test_base85_encode_decode.py
  • tests/test_bed_examples.py – example usage (work-flow)


  • removed CCMM, CCYY from the SDK
  • removed method expiration_date /CCMM & CCYY/ from RIS Request superclass
  • updated requirements.txt with the latest requests library


First release of the Kount RIS Python SDK.

1.0.0 Release candidate




  • validate.xml as python dict 
  • replaced parsing the xml with generated python dict
  • parse Kount's validation xml to python dict and use this dict in the package to avoid parsing. New XML_DICT must be generated if the xml file 'validate.xml' is changed



  • Sphinx files /auto generate documentation/, package files 
  • Documentation Compilation

Before starting, you first need to install Sphinx, which is done very easily using easy_install or pip command in a command shell:

pip install sphinx – upgrade

In order to compile the documentation, under linux type:

make html


make latex

and under windows, type:

make.bat html

This command will analyze the files in the source/ directory and create the HTML files into the directory _build/html/ or build/html depending on your configuration file.

There are many more possible outputs. Type make without argument to get help. For example, to build a PDF version, type:

make latexpdf



  • Kount Ris Python sdk - 2.7.13 and 3.6.1 supported
  • update local_settings.py in project's folder with data provided by Kount
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