How to Create an API Key for Authentication to Kount

API keys are required to authenticate to Kount when using Risk Inquiry Service (RIS), making an API call, or for various system integrations. Each customer is assigned a 32-character hash key that acts as a password for their API calls. API keys are unique per customer and environment.

Note: This key must be kept private. If the customer – or Kount – believes the API key has been compromised, a new key must be issued.

Steps for creating an API key

  1. Log into the Agent Web Console.
  2. Click Admin, and then select API Keys.
  3. Click Create API Key.
  4. Enter a Key Name, select your desired Key Permissions (typically RIS and API), and then click Create API Key. If the key is successfully created, a confirmation appears.
  5. The new key displays on the API Key Management screen.
  6. Copy and paste the API key into other applications, as necessary.
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