Introduction to Kount Command

Kount Command is a fraud-prevention solution that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning to analyze data from an online purchase or transaction.

Kount aggregates and evaluates data from two primary sources, the Device Data Collector (DDC) and the Risk Inquiry Service (RIS).

The DDC gathers information about a customer’s device, then covertly passes the information to Kount. Kount's interaction is concealed to the customer and does not affect the end-user experience.

The RIS evaluates the DDC information, in conjunction with order form data, and then compares it to data in Kount's Identity Trust Global Network™ to create a fraud score. Merchant specified rules are also assessed for each transaction during this evaluation process.

Once an order has been evaluated, a response string of key value pairs is returned and includes a score, a device fingerprint, and an automated response code. Upon receipt of this response data, the merchant can then disposition orders according to their specified policies.




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