Kount Environments Overview

Kount has separate environments for test and production. Initial integration for both the Device Data Collector (DDC) and Risk Inquiry Service (RIS) will take place in the test environment. A boarding document containing required test environment information is sent to the merchant.

The test environment is not engineered to support load testing; it is designed primarily to verify connectivity and proper data submission. Many features such as order linking, scoring, device location, and persona related information are limited in the test environment. The following features are not available or will not display accurately in the test environment:

  • Persona orders will not link to merchants across the Kount network.
  • Persona Risk Score
  • Boost Safety Rating
  • Address and phone validation through Melissa Data
  • VELO and VMAX
  • Network and device information
  • Distance calculators
  • External services

Test credit cards can be passed into the test environment but fail in the production environment. Port 443/HTTPS is required for submission and receipt of Data Collector and Risk Inquiry Service data in both the test and production environments.

Upon certifying that the correct data is being passed for both the Data Collector and Risk Inquiry Service, the merchant is issued a Certification Letter and additional production boarding information. Any customized data created in the test environment will have to be recreated in the production environment. This includes users, rules, site IDs, user defined fields, and API Keys.

The test environment continues to be available for testing purposes, but must not be used for production traffic. Typically, Kount has quarterly releases with new or enhanced features that are backward compatible. These new features are also available in the test environment.

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