How to Integrate the Device Data Collector into Mobile SDKs using iOS Universal Static Library

While not recommended, you can integrate the Kount Device Data Collector (DDC) as a static library in your XCode project.

Integrating the Kount DDC as a Static Library

  1. Download the kount-ios-sdk from GitHub, and then extract the contents of the SDK.
  2. Place the KountDataCollectorUniversalLibrary folder from the Kount SDK inside the folder structure of your iOS (folder) project.
  3. From the KountDataCollectorUniversalLibrary, copy libKountDataCollector.a and add it in your project.
  4. Add KountDataCollectorUniversalLibrary to header search paths:
    1. Go to Project TargetBuild SettingsHeader Search Paths.
    2. Add the Header Search Path as $(PROJECT_DIR)/KountDataCollectorUniversalLibrary.
Once you have added the KountDataCollectorUniversalLibrary to the project, continue to the second step (runtime implementation).
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