How to Integrate the Kount Device Data Collector CocoaPods Package into an iOS Application

CocoaPods is an application level dependency manager for Objective-C and Swift that provides a standard format for managing external libraries.

  1. Open the terminal in the directory where [App_Name].xcodeproj.
  2. If you have not initialized your project with pods already, run pod init.
  3. Open Podfile using the open Podfile command, through which a text file (Podfile) opens.
  4. Add the dependency listed below to edit your Podfile:
        target '[App_Name]' do
        # Comment the next line if you don't want to use dynamic frameworks
        # use_frameworks!
          source ''
          # Pods for [App_Name]
          pod 'Kount', '4.1.8'
    Note: The version number must correspond to the SDK version you are using.
  5. If your project is already open in Xcode, close it and then run the pod install command to install the mentioned pods for your project pod install.
  6. If any errors occur from running the install command, fix them before proceeding.
  7. In the project navigator, open the project configuration settings named APP_NAME has a blue icon to its left). In the editor area, under targets, select APP_NAME, and then select the Build Settings tab.
  8. Under Swift Search Paths, go to Header Search Paths, and then add the following path:
  9. Go to Build Phases, and then open Link Binary with Libraries. Click the Plus sign (+), and then add KountDataCollector.xcframework, if not already added.
Once you have added the KountDataCollector to you project, continue to the second step (runtime implementation).
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