Native iOS and Android SDKs

The implementation of the Device Data Collector is different for native Mobile Apps. Kount has native mobile SDKs for both iOS and Android. These SDKs can be used with all current Kount products. Native mobile SDKs collect more data and increase the reliability of the Device ID across the life of a device. 

The Device Data Collector (DDC) gathers information from a customer’s device by redirecting the device browser momentarily to Kount then back to the merchant. This passive analysis conceals the Kount interaction with the customer and does not affect the customer’s purchasing experience.

To ease DDC set up, use our guided DDC content generator or follow the steps below.

The DDC requires a two step process for mobile integration: Integration (Step 1) and Invocation (Step 2).


Android SDK


If you are developing for iOS and Android using a hybrid application refer to:


Refer to How to Integrate the Kount Web Client for Device Data Collection into Your Website

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