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How to Install the Kount Essentials App in Shopify

Prevent fraudulent charges on your Shopify store by adding the Kount Command Essentials app. Kount has two versions of our app in Shopify — Essentials and Advanced. The Essentials app requires no additional coding or contracts and is a hands-free, out-of-box solution. The Advanced app includes all Kount Command capabilities and gives you complete control over your fraud protection. If you are looking for the Advanced app documentation, review How to Install the Kount Advanced App in Shopify.

Get the Kount app

  1. Sign in to your Shopify store.

  2. Search for and select the Kount app, or open the Kount app page.

  3. Select Add app.

  4. On the Install page, review the privacy and permission details, and then select Install app.

  5. Select Terms and Conditions.

  6. Select or add a payment method, and then select Approve.

Configure the app

  1. Fill out the required information on the Essentials page:

    Risk Tolerance

    Adjust the slider to choose your desired risk tolerance. Low Risk reduces chargebacks but can cause a higher decline rate. High Risk can increase revenue with a lower decline rate. You can modify your Risk Tolerance anytime by returning to the app configuration. All changes are immediate, so any changes you make affect orders in real-time. Changing your risk tolerance is us when you are experiencing higher chargeback or decline rates than desired or want to adjust your strategy for a promotion or seasonal change.

    Approve Actions

    Auto-Capture — Select this checkbox to enable the auto-capture functionality of this app. If this is enabled and Kount approves a transaction, it calls the Shopify API to capture payment. This feature only works when gateway settings are set to Manual. To set the gateway settings to manual, go to the Shopify payment capture settings, select Manage, and then Manual.


    Payments are authorized only until Kount processes the transaction. If Kount approves the transaction or marks it for review, the payment is then captured. If Kount declines the transaction, the payment is not captured.


    If you enable Auto-Capture, do not also enable auto-capture in your payment gateway to avoid double-capturing payments.

    Decline Actions

    Auto-Void — Select to enable the auto-void functionality of this app. If enabled and Kount declines a transaction, it calls the Shopify API to void the authorization.

    Auto-Cancel (enabled by default) — Transactions declined in Kount contact the Shopify API to cancel the order. If disabled, you must manually cancel it in Shopify.

    Auto-Refund — Select this checkbox to refund purchase and add items back into inventory when Kount responds with D (Decline), either initially or through a manual review.

    Analysis Submission

    Disable All — Select to disable all risk analysis.

    Disable Phone Orders — Select to disable risk analysis on orders placed manually by a customer service representative.

    Submit Recurring Transactions — Select to enable risk analysis on orders that Kount identifies as recurring.

  2. Select Save.

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