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Consumer Insights Integration Guide

Get actionable insights into consumer behavior by integrating with Kount Consumer Insights, built on the Kount 360 platform. Integrate to gain access to the REST API endpoint, view your account in the portal, manage users, and more.

Provisioning an API Key

Sign in to Kount 360 to authenticate for API access.

  1. Sign in to Kount 360. There are two integration environments: sandbox and production. Only integrate into our sandbox environment if you are integrating a pre-production environment without production data.

  2. Select Admin, and then Developer.

  3. Select Options for the organization in which you want to create an API key, and then select Create API Key.

  4. Select Create.

  5. Expand the organization.

  6. Copy the API key and save it in a secure location. You will need the API key to create a bearer token.


    Use the copy button to copy the API key. If you close the window without copying the API key, you must create a new API key using the options menu. You are allowed two active API keys per customer. To create another API key after creating two API keys, delete one of the existing keys.

Creating a Bearer Token

Following the OAuth 2.0 framework, after you have provisioned your API credentials in the portal, retrieve a temporary bearer token to authenticate calls to the Kount 360 API. Provide the API Key and Client ID in an HTTP POST to a specific login.kount.com URL.

With a successful exchange, the returned JSON provides a special bearer token, which is the access_token property. The exchange also provides an expiration date, the expires_in property, provided in seconds until expiration. The API to retrieve the bearer token depends on if you are calling the sandbox or production environment.

The values are:


Auth Server URL:


API Service Host:



Auth Server URL:


API Service Host:


After obtaining the bearer token, utilize it to authenticate requests to the Kount 360 API. Include the token in the Authorization header of your HTTP API request, prefixed with Bearer {bearer token}.

To prevent authentication issues, refresh the token before it expires. Typically, tokens issued by login.kount.com expire after 20 minutes, but client credentials remain valid unless revoked. Minimize calls to the /token endpoint by implementing token expiration handling in your customer applications. Always check if a token has expired before requesting a new one, as excessive calls to the /token endpoint could result in rate limiting.

Examples of retrieving and using the bearer token in popular programming languages:





Specifications for the Consumer Insights API






Method: POST

Header Authorization: Bearer <token>

Header Content-Type: application/json


All data sent to Kount with the upload API must be in a JSON string format that is capable of parsing back to JSON. See the Standard Request Data Elements table for additional information.

Receive data from Consumer Insights

For additional support, review the API help documentation. Expand each section to review the responses available and associated fields.

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