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Kount RIS .NET SDK Release Notes History

The following table provides the release notes history for the RIS .NET SDK.

Version Number Description


Removed SetSdkVersion setter method

Added a skip config check for ConnectTimeout when the checkConfiguration method parameter evaluates as true


Fixed deploy job.


Omniscore Implemented in .NET. We have included a getter method called getOmniscore that returns the Omniscore value in the Response.


Solved issue with it checking static configuration even though the check configuration flag is passed as false.


Added support to pass an IPV6 address with the IPAD field.

Note: IPV6 addresses are converted to a static IPV4 address within RIS (


Added new feature, configuration class.

Fixing documentation.


Merge pull request #12 from Kount/KS-202

Check for valid data (not null).


  • Introducing configuration key
  • Removed the SALT phrase


Remove parameters CCYY(ExpirationYear) and CCMM(ExpirationMonth) from the SDK.


New Features

More payment types are added: Apple Pay, BPAY, Carte Bleue, ELV, Green Dot MoneyPak, GiroPay, Interac, Mercade Pago, Neteller, Single Euro Payments, Poli, Skrill/Moneybookers, Sofort, Token.


  • Added new enums definitions: InquiryTypes, UpdateTypes
  • Nuget package available for downloads.
  • Excluding development dependencies of docfx.console in Nuget package.


  • SALT phrase configurable as an app setting (key/value) in app.config. Set Ris.Khash.Salt in your app.config file for this to work.
  • Update docfx.console to version 2.16.8


  • Minor improvements for integration tests logging
  • Fixed build issue with docFX (ver 2.16.2) and Visual Studio install Path


  • Secure communication between client and server now using TLS v1.2
  • Added Power Shell scripts for easier compilation, build, unit and integration tests, .net documentation generation, and packaging
  • General source code improvements and modernization
  • Using DocFX documentation generation tool (ver. 2.15.5) for API reference.
  • General .net framework enhancements to 4.5 (.NET framework 4.5 or later is recommended).


  • Added support for API key authentication. Client certificate validation is still supported, but is now deprecated. Set Ris.API.Key in your app.config file for this to work.
  • EPTOK new field gets auto-populated when setting a credit card payment. Kount only saves this if the merchant has certain third-party call-outs enabled.


Added support for new Kount Central RIS query modes J and W.


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